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This token was created by Mr.ISHIKAWA.

KISHIDA was born with a great mission.

“Erase all fraudulent coins.”The technology of cryptocurrency has reached a sufficient level with ERC-20 and BEP-20.




KISHIDA is pure memecoin.
The only other thing we need is that it’s not a scam.
“Smart Contracts for the Mind”
The founder owns 4.79% of the total as a rewards.
Transactions can be made with Pancake Swap.Tax 0%.




We don’t have a roadmap.
screw you.

There is no road in front of me,I can create a path behind me.



But we have a solid plan.
And we are working hard every day to realize that plan.

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“$ KSD Volunteer Community Draft Plan”




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Token Ticker
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Total Supply
Binance Smart Chain






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!!Precautions when buying $ KSD!!

About slippage at the time of purchase

If you set the pancake slippage setting higher or use poo’s auto slippage, you may be damaged by the sandwich bot.

* A sandwich bot is a bot that is slipped in before buying and sold out, and will be bought at a high price for the purchase price of the sandwich bot.

If you set the slippage to auto or if you have a margin, it will be interrupted, so you need to take measures by yourself, and it is also a measure to raise the gas cost to make it the fastest, but since you do not know what the other party is setting, do not make it an auto slippage or a higher slippage Is the best

Regardless of Kishida, coins with low taxes will always arrive, so there is no loss in remembering the measures for sandwich bots.

Basic slippage is a margin until confirmation, so if you set it to 1%, it does not mean that you will be deducted 1%, so you do not need to lower it to the limit. is
Since the slippage is low enough, there is no room for the sandwich bot to slip and make a profit, so it is a countermeasure.


About The ownership of this token


The ownership of this token has already been renounced.
Also, as for the LP Token, it is locked until June 21, 2047 at 12:47pm, i.e. 25 years.
The founder owns 4.79% of the total as a rewards.