Stepup Burning Event

An event where $KSD is burned every time you complete various missions has been held!

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Burn event STEP1

If you make a tip of $KSD from the dedicated page, the burn amount will increase every time you achieve a certain number.

Mission 1: Achievement of 1 million KSD BOT-chan unveiled

Mission 2: 3 million KSD achieved burn 1 million KSD added

Mission 3: 5 million KSD achieved burn 2 million KSD added

Mission 4: 7 million KSD achieved burn 2 million KSD added

Mission 5: 10 million KSD achieved burn 2 million KSD added & super limited NFT (1/1)

Mission 6: 15 million KSD achieved burn 3 million KSD added

2,000,000 KSD will be added for every 5,000,000 KSD thereafter.


Number of tipped coins and distributed NFT

*Regarding the handling of tipping by BNB

During the event period, NFT will be distributed in the same way as KSD for tipping at BNB.

The accumulated BNB will be used for operational buybacks and marketing expenses, excluding minimum expenses.


special award

A super limited BOT-chan NFT (1/1) will be presented to the holder who threw the most chips during the event period! 


*Caution! Especially for those who want multiple NFTs

・If you throw coins all at once, you will not know the number of NFTs you are looking for, so please be sure to throw only the number of coins listed.

・Since there is a planned number of distributed NFTs for each tip, we recommend early tipping.


NFTs will be distributed sequentially from 8/18 Japan time.


Wallet for tipping ※Please put tip in the wallet below.


⇒ Click here to check the total amount of tipping coins. (

Burn event STEP2Coming soon…